Medicare Benefits

If you have a condition such as anxiety or depression, or any other diagnosable mental health condition, either longstanding or in response to a distressing life event, you are eligible to be referred by a general practitioner or a psychiatrist under a Mental Health Care Plan. Under the plan you will be able to claim a substantial part of the cost of our service for up to ten sessions a year.

To access Medicare benefits you will need to have a referral from your general practitioner or your psychiatrist prior to the commencement of counselling treatment at Perth City Psychology.

Further information on medicare rebates is available at

Private Health Cover

If you have private health cover you can claim for the cost of consultations. Each health fund varies in the amount that they refund so we advise you to check this with them prior to commencing our counselling sessions. You do not require a referral if you are planning to claim from a private health fund.

To discuss rebate options for visiting a Perth City psychologist please contact us.