Perth City Psychology is a clinical psychology and counselling service that aims to provide accessible, high quality, psychological health care. Our highly qualified psychologists provide assistance to manage difficult life events, situational crises, and interpersonal issues.

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Counselling from a psychologist at Perth City Psychology

Perth City Psychology provides you with access to professional counselling from a qualified psychologist or clinical psychologist in the heart of the Perth CBD.  Whether you want help with anxiety, depression, a difficult life event, a workplace or interpersonal issue, or to cope with a traumatic experience, our psychologists can offer expert and effective help. Our psychologists have completed a bachelor's degree and graduate training in psychology and will work to help you understand the nature of your difficulties and develop the insight and skills to minimize and manage the impact of the problems you may be facing. As many of the challenges we face in the modern world are rooted in human behaviour, and as a psychologist is someone who has engaged in the study of the human mind and behaviour, counselling from a professional psychologist or clinical psychologist at Perth City Psychology can help you find solutions.  


Psychotherapy from a psychologist at Perth City Psychology

Psychotherapy is a series of counselling techniques for treating psychological problems that have had a number of years to accumulate.  It may be used instead of, or as well as, drug therapy and aims to develop an understanding of what helps a person feel positive and to accept their strong and weak points.  A psychotherapist at Perth City Psychology will help you identify your feelings and ways of thinking so that you can become better at coping with difficult situations. Techniques your psychologist or clinical psychologist may use for psychotherapy are listed under our Approaches section.


Psychotherapy or counselling fees

Our psychologist counselling sessions run for approximately 55 minutes and costs range from $145 to $195 per session.  Medicare rebates may apply if you have a doctor's referral and health fund rebates if you have private health cover.  Further information is available from our Rebates section.  Payment in full is required on the day that you are seen.

We offer expert and effective help for:

Generalised Anxiety Disorder


Panic Disorder Depression

Post traumatic stress Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Eating Disorders

Alcohol Dependence

Post Natal Depression

Early Onset Psychosis

Bipolar Disorder

We develop coping skills like:

Impulse control

Anger management

Identification of emotional needs

Assertive communication

Managing difficult emotions

Conflict resolution

Mood regulation

Sleep management

Building frustration tolerance

Self-esteem building

We also provide specialist counselling services for:

Children (10 years or older) and families

Workers compensation

Motor vehicle injuries

Employee assistance

Critical Incidents


Where to Find Us

Our Perth City consulting rooms are located at Trinity Arcade, Suite 37, Level 2, 671 Hay St Mall, Perth WA 6000.  See Our Location to view a map and directions.


About Us

View a brief biography of each psychologist at Perth City Psychology.  You can ask for one of us by name or our reception staff can find the counselling appointment that best suits you.


Make a Referral

If you are a GP or a psychiatrist and would like to refer, either to an individual psychologist or to the practice, you can do so by phoning us on 9485 0801 or by using our downloading our referral form


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To make an appointment please phone us on 9485 0801.